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Santana Organic Industries Soin

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Our Natural Snacks

Plantain Chips

Our brand is considered one of the finest producers of 100% natural snacks in Ecuador. It account with the Ecuadorian health permits and the FDA license, accrediting it as Ecuador’s best banana and plantain chip processing plant!

We offer sea salt and sweet banana snacks to delight the palate of our customers!

The processing plant is located in Guayaquil, one of the most productive and comercial cities of the Coast of Ecuador. The plant is responsible for growing and processing the best Green Plantains and Bananas in the country. The premium quality natural products used in the elaboration of the plantain chips allow a production of 47.500 kg (5 containers of 40") of 100% natural chips per week without the need of adding preservatives or colorants.

Our organization takes advantage of the Ecuadorian environment, which thanks to its location, allows us to plant, cultivate and harvest a variety of goods, without the need of unnecessary chemicals, and, therefore, we have the opportunity to produce the most natural, healthy, and sustainable snacks.

Natural Snacks

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