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Agro-ecological & Handmade Gourmet Jams

Agro-Ecological & Handmade Gourmet Jams

Gourmet Jams

La Huerta de Ina Jams is an enterprise of skilled and enthusiastic Ecuadorian women dedicated to the production of EXOTIC tropical crops and processing GOURMET AGRO-ECOLOGICAL ARTESANAL exotic Tropical & Andean fruit jams.

La Huerta de Ina carries out the entire value chain from the cultivation of the fruits to obtaining the finished product ready for sale, this being one of the added values in addition to the fact that our crops are agro-ecological.

La Huerta de Ina works with women who harvest, select, wash and process the fruits. They dedicate their efforts to create delicious jams using exotic Ecuadorian fruits such as arazá, Jamaica flower, mortiño, passion fruit, orange, papaya, banana, etc. Using large pails and wooden spoons which gives more value to our finished Jams!

We offer:

Exotic Tropical jams:
• Araza with small pieces of papaya
• Jamaica flowers
• Banana, passion fruit and vanilla.

Exotic Andean Jams:

• Pumpkin, passion fruit, orange and quinoa
• Araza with mortiño
• Passion fruit with small pieces of banana

Agro-Ecological & Handmade Gourmet Jams

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